Thursday, April 16, 2009

God is great, beer is good, and people are CRAZY!

So yes, God is great...especially to me. I have no idea why because I certainly don't deserve it. He keeps trying to lead me away from things and for some reason I keep choosing the more dangerous and less deserving path. Someday I hope to figure out why He is so patient with me.

Easter was good. Went to ohio to do the regular oxenrider thing. kids had a blast finding their eggs and playing with the bubbles Kathy got for them. Thank goodness for aunts and grandparents that remember to get stuff for easter baskets because being the looser parents that we are WE didn't do ANY baskets for the kids! I got the shape of an L on my forehead. Easter wrapped up spring break week for us...which was pretty low key. The water park was the much fun!!! That place is GYNORMOUS!!!! So what totally sucked about it was that Jeri's kids all got sick. Seriously...felt so bad for her. Kegan passed out, Delanie threw up THREE times...Yuck! But in between feeling like crap and after being pumped with motrin (the kids wonder drug) they did get to play a LITTLE bit. I took NO photos!! Well, i took a few with my phone, but no others! I didn't want to be behind a camera all weekend or take the chance of getting my camera wet. But trust me, we had a fantastic time!!

Beer is good. I found some pics from michelle and my's st. patty's adventure. good times. maybe not for michelle...but it was for me!

And DAMN...people are crazy. period...Burry knows what I mean.

Here's some classes I'm teaching in may. i'm pretty happy with them. we'll see how it goes!

Update on the fam...
Von-Oh yeah...i remember how fun you are now that i see you one extra day a week!
Emma-no one messes with her brother!
Ethan-still loves that damn thumb...but becoming such a handsome boy.
Kien-way emotional and sensitive...uuhhgg! and i think he may be loosing his hearing?? i'm watching this one.
me- ...hmmm...still me. locking up all things emotionally unsafe.
Willo- pain in the ass...but cute as hell.

Check out my blog soon, jeri took some GREAT photos of the kids that I will hopefully be able to post soon.
peace, love and craziness


Tricia said...

I love those projects for the classes! So did you decided to keep the blue flower on the recipe box afterall? You were debating last week. I love them all.

jeri hoag said...

love your class samples, tob!