Sunday, March 28, 2010

Name that KIT!

Hello again ladies!! So sorry for the late post, I meant to post last night but we were soooo busy adding fun, unique and a few handmade B-U-TIFFUL embellies to the kit! They are so much fun, you are going to flip when you see them!
Here is little sneak...

We bribed our oldest two to help...they were actually pretty good helpers! Aren't they cute!! you all want to know about our fun contest right??? it is!
We are going to take suggestions from YOU to name our first kit! We want you all to know how much we appreciate your kind words, DT submissions, visits to the blog and hopefully your future we wanted to make you part of our first kit by having you name it for us!! The person who's name we choose will win an AMAZING add on kit (which is what our little munchkins were working on in the photo) that is valued at over $25! Here is what you need to do...
Leave us a comment on the blog with your name suggestion for our first main kit. We will pick a name and announce it the same day we announce our new DT girls, which is April 7th. Be sure to check on April 7th to see if we chose your name!

So get creative girls...and give us a name that will be as rad as our first kit!! Be sure to check the blog starting April 1st for fun sneaks of our first kits!! AND...don't forget, ONLY 2 MORE DAYS FOR THE DT CALL!!! :)

Good Luck everyone!!!!

Peace*love*and fun titles

Friday, March 26, 2010

What's in a name??? ;)

Stay tuned for a fun little contest starting this weekend...

Oh...and the field trip was awesome.
this was my group...goofballs.

check this out...does it get any better?????
The little girl said this was her first fieldtrip without her mom or dad being there...and look...she fell asleep on ME!! Loved it!!! My bubby on one side and sweet little "A" on the other!

peace^love^and amazing kiddos

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hello all of my amazing friends, new and old! I should totally be going to bed right now but I feel so bad to not have posted sooner so I am going to pin my eyes open and take one for the team!

First I want to thank all the girls that have sent in submissions for the midnight rooster DT call. I am in serious awe people! The layouts are A-MAZ-ING!! How are we ever going to pick! And your sweet words of inspiration and enthusiasm are blowing me away...I want you all...but unfortunately I can't have you all. :( The deadline for submissions is March 30th with our new DT being announced on April's going to be an exciting day!!!!

I went scrapping last weekend and have some layouts I wanted to share...but my photos SUCKED so I will be re-taking them tomorrow and sharing them at a later post. I had such a great time catching up with friends that I haven't seen in such a long time...the weekend always goes too fast. My momma and sis joined us and I just hate it when they leave...we should not have to live so far from each other. Blah.

So I know you are just baring through my boring details WAITING for some new kit news or I will not keep you waiting any longer! Check out these boxes in Janelle's basement!!!! One of the boxes is full of nothing but THICKERS...THICKERS people, are the second love of my life and I want to crawl into that box and dream of wonderful titles to use all those sweet, sweet letters on!

Can you guess what we might do with all of this yumminess??????? ;)

And check out these little lovelies...they are screaming to get out of the box and into your kits. I told them not much longer. They were glad.

Our first kit has me on my knees, drooling like a starved scrapbooker that has never seen paper before. You will love it, I promise! I would love to show you a peek, but I think Janelle would take my camera away if I did that...and I love my camera. So wait you must until our website is up and showing its magical self to you all! Soon I hope!! I can't wait! :)

So that's it for me tonight Craig Ferguson for this girl! Ethan has a field trip to see Charlotte's Web tomorrow...and this night owl has to be up at the crack grass of dawn to go with him! I love his class and I can't think of a better way to spend my day than with this boy and his friends!

peace~love~and boys named Ethan

Monday, March 15, 2010

OK. So are you all ready to meet this fab chick that I'm paying to be my friend? We are so cool that we had a "dinner" meeting at Ci Ci's pizza tonight...I'll be writing THAT receipt off to the tax man...whew! The kids had a party in the "game room" and our husbands sat and talked about how wonderful Dave Ramsey is as we talked about spending lots of money. Seriously...does it get ANY better??? Not really my friends. Without further adieu, here we are...

This is Janelle. She is one of the most talented ladies I know. I first met her at Lamaze class over 9 years ago when we were both pregnant for our first babies. I knew her husband through a friend but had never met her. I didn't see her again until I ran into her at a scrapbook store, when she said she was going to start having scrapbook retreats. To say it was the best scrapbook weekend I have EVER had is an understatement. She covered every single detail you could possibly think of to make our heads spin and our cha cha's hurt from jumping up with glee every 3 minutes! I've gotten to know her very well since then and we have become amazing friends. When I mentioned this crazy idea to her she jumped on board and I have been paying her and doing her laundry ever since. ;) You'll learn more about her as time goes on but this is just start because I don't want you all to like her more than me yet!

Man, product is really starting to roll in! AAAAAAAAAH!! It is so exciting. I only have one little picture to tease you with because this is all we've had time to photograph!

And oh my goodness we found the coolest place to order vintage goodies...we were in milk cap heaven!!

I'm out for tonight. Craig Ferguson is totally capturing my attention right now and I just don't have the attention span to do both tonight. Adult ADD.

peace*love*and Scotsmen on late late night

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"patience little one", he said...

I first want to start out by saying thank you to all my new visitors! I am amazed every day at the amount of people checking my little 'ol blog! To say I am excited for this baby to launch is an understatement, hence the title of my blog. I am patiently waiting...waiting for our logo and website, waiting for our product to arrive, waiting to put kits together, waiting for stamp designs...ahhhh, the awesome waiting game. the problem with this is that I AM NOT A PATIENT PERSON. this is so hard!!!! but they are all very well worth the wait.

so i wish i had more eye candy details for you all, but i really don't! :( I will share this though...not one person dared to cross me against our web designer...i don't really think it was because i'm that scary, i think it's because they all saw how awesome this guy is. seriously, i am dying to see what they come up with...Shawn, DUDE...your killin me man!!!

(this is shawn...i'm totally crushin on him because i think he is going to make me very very happy)

(this is jake...he is gonna make me a wicked rooster)
these two guys are my bff's right now...they might not know that...but i think they are pretty bad ass.

so...we are also getting in lots of product. i'll post just enough of a picture to tease you in my next post, cuz I can...and i'm a bit of a tease. ;)

i also want to share with you all, the fabulous, creatively crazy chick that has partnered up with me. i have come to the conclusion that she must be seriously crazy, cuz she couldn't possibly think i'm cool enough to want to hang out with this much. she's awesome, you'll like her, but you won't know who she is till my next post. remember...tease. :)

so's some pages i did last weekend...can you tell i'm totally loving jen joskish right now?

peace * love * and chicken on the grill