Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hi Buddies! Not much to share tonight...just livin life. I have to plug my favorite new music right now. I'm totally loving that soft, acustic folkie sound and I'm listining to a few songs by Jason Mraz. While ipod-ing I also found this guy, Joshua Radin-love-love-LOVE him! I'm also lovin Mindy Smith again. She has a song that totally works for the beginning of New Moon, when Edward leaves...*sigh* Google it, it's called one moment more...and if you haven't read the books all I have to say is WHY THE H-E DOUBLE HOCKY STICKS not???? I don't have flicker, but I like to read the flair and I read the funniest one about Edward...and what's up with the Chuck Norris flair???? confusing...but totally hilarious. I'm also wishing I'd have seen season 4 of Grey's...cuz I would have loved to watch the season premier tonight...oh well.

Busy weekend ahead. Pages has a special crop this weekend for Breast Cancer. Friday will be late...Saturday will be late...Sunday is purse party day, my one for the month. pretty sad. From purse party in warsaw i get to drive to mishawaka for a DT meeting at the store! doesn't that sound like fun?? All the while my family will be in indy enjoying my sister-in-laws baby shower on Saturday and the always anticipated Tavernier Bowl on Sunday. such a pisser, I hate missing that stuff. And I hate being home by my self. I think i'm going to spend the night with my wonderful girl.

I'm entering my grumpy-pissy-ness. WTF???? this is so gay. i hate taking a pill to try to regulate my stupid girl stuff. stupid girl the way girls, speaking of girl stuff...don't forget to feel your boobies.
peace out.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

chitty chitty chat chat

I thought the house would be super quiet with 2 off to school all day and only one kiddo at home...wrong! Let me tell ya...this kid is a chatty cathy! I love him, but seriously, take 20 questions times 40. I have more conversation with him in 3 hours than I could ever possibly have with an adult in a whole day. Hilarious. By the way...I'm reading Twilight AGAIN. *sigh*

Sunday, September 14, 2008

keep up with the rooster...or become a chicken...

My late night habits are sooo not conducive to my children's lifestyles. I really need to STOP staying up so late because I totally pay for it alllll the next day and I feel like a total loser mom and wife when all I want to do is stare at the back of my eyelids while they are all up and at em. I seriously have the best husband for not bitching at me about being such a night owl.

I'm in a bit of a funk...I always am after my mom leaves. But this time it's double because my sister was here to. She totally surprised me Saturday morning by coming down. Little sneaker...thinkin she can pull one over one was soo great and the kids were so excited to see her. I think she was glad to be here, even though mom and I drug her to Pages to scrap all night, and by all night I mean until 4:30 in the flippin AM! Dude...what am I smokin to think that I can hang with the clock that long??? well...I did get all my class stuff done. And I had a great time scrapping with my girls...always good times! Can't wait to get my scrap on at Janelle's in THREE weeks! Yeah man!

okie dokie, I need to sleep! here's the layouts I was going to post the other night, enjoy!

Emma and her Jasmine this summer:

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some goofy halloween layouts:

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Emma at her last day of school picnic:

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I miss Edward...

I miss Forks, and Bella, and Edward and Alice...and Jacob too. What do you do when you become so obsessed about a flippin BOOK(S)???? Dream about them all I guess! :)

So little bean man had preschool today. He has a s'mores poptart every morning because he is OBSESSED with them...and I mean OBSESSED! He only had one of the two before I took him to school and on the way there he said "mommy, can I have my udder poptart when I get home"? Me - "Yes Kien, I'll save it for you" So the first thing he does when he gets in the car when I pick him up from preschool is ask where his poptart is and if he can eat it now. OBSESSED!! It sure is quiet around the house with the other 2 kids at school all day. Kien is so good and he plays by himself very well. He has a great imagination and I love just sitting back and watching him pretend...

So I worked tonight...and I am getting a bit pissy that the new stuff from the CHA show has not been rolling in! It's like, crawling in...and a very slow crawl at that! Ugg. So not much to do tonight, but we stayed busy with customers...lovely ones and annoying ones, good thing I love my job!

So when I got home it was my worst &*()&) nightmare come true...dude, I've got the chills right now. I'm gettin my pj's out of the drawer and I layed them on the bed...yeah...your freakin out right now because you know what I'm getting ready to tell you. PEOPLE...there was a HHHUUUGGGEEEE SPIDER on the corner of my bed. Just waiting for me to crawl in so it could drink my O+ blood...and NO...I don't think it was a Cullen in spider drag!!!!! yeeeeeeeikes! I screamed - von jumped out of bed an threw the covers on top of it...i scream "YOUR GONNA COVER IT UP!!!! WERE GONNA LOSE HIM!!!!" he pulls the covers back up and it crawls back to the corner and he says..."GIVE ME SOMETHING"...and I say..."dumbass...your by the closet, grab a SHOE"!!!!! So he did, and he smoooooshed it...and now all it's children are going to come find us and avenge it's death. crap. time to spray. *shudder*

So on that creepy note, I have some more layouts to post...just some that I've done for the DT at Pages. Hope ya like em...I'm gonna have to post them until I can figure out how to put them as a link on the side. I'm such a little virgin blogger!

ok, so this post was suppose to go up last night but my computer wasn't here's last nights post, with no layouts because my computer is being a bitch!

night all!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008 more post.

A special layout of my grandma and I when I was MUCH younger...she passed away in April.

I am the shizzle

DUDE!!! I got a TWILIGHT widget ON my one helped me, no one was there for me to tell me what to "dude ya gotta"..."and then ya gotta". I figured it all byes my self...I am the SHIZZLE baby!

Blog Inspired I'm really gonna do this. I figured out how to size my header so I'm pretty stoked. And I'm pretty inspired to get this damn thing going because there are some things I want to do...and I need to get out in the blog world to do them!

So the kids have started school...yikes the summer went fast. Emma is in 2nd grade this year and is pretty used to the routine...although she likes to be a drama queen and fight me on EVERYthing. Ethan started Kindergarten this year...ALL DAY! shew, wasn't ready for that one. Dude...he is carrying a lunch tray ALL BY HIMSELF...and I don't think he's dropped it yet. He's exhausted when he gets home, but he loves it. Kien is still doing the preschool thing. He's a bit lost without his big brother...they are buds. He's doing great and I love the preschool program and the teachers. So that's life here in the education world...let's see, what else...

My friend Jeri has a new blog up for her photography...she's good people. She is just getting started and I'm so excited for her...go check out her blog!!

Mama mia is coming to town on THURSDAY!! Weeee! (not the actual mom) I'm having a move over martha food party and she's comin for it! I think we are going to scrap Sat. night, can't wait. that's it for now...maybe I'll be back soon!!