Wednesday, June 29, 2011

On the *Edge*

Hello Folks. It has been WAY too long since my last post but it has been so stinkin' busy around here! Here are some things I've been up to!

And the most exciting thing this week...
Driving a new Ford Edge from Harold Ziegler Ford in Elkhart!!

I am having a ball driving this car! It is SOOOO not a mini van, and I LOVE that! I am so over driving a mini van and this car has been such a breath of fresh air. It feels a lot like the Ford Explorer just a little more compact. I will be back tomorrow with my fun video "tour" of this bad boy! And yes...this car is ALL boy! :)

Peace & Love!
Tobi :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day!

I hope everyone had a fantastic-ly amazing fathers day! Ours was pretty low key which is nice sometimes. My mom and dad came down yesterday and we grilled out with friends. We haven't done that in a looooong time and it was so nice to hang with those folks that are kind enough to be our friends (mom and dad don't have a choice)! It was a great night watching the kids all run around together...and FROM eachother! Then of course as it got dark the customary chasing of the fireflies which always leads to TONS of mosquito bites! Today I just relaxed with my parents as Von golfed with the neighbor boys. I got all the June Midnight Rooster kits packed up and they are ready to ship tomorrow! I also did a video post of my current vehicle obsession...the Ford Flex! Please don't judge me on this video today...I was a little tired and lost myself as I went into detail on the car!! There are SO many cool things about this car that my ADD kicks in and my mind is jumping from one cool thing to the other! So please...forgive the girl behind the camera!

I love this car so much and I am so happy to have had the opportunity to drive one of these bad boys! I hadn't heard much about them and man is that a shame! These Flex's have so much to offer a family and I highly recommend you go test drive one. Kathy and Damon over at Harold Ziegler Ford have a few of these on the lot...go check them out!!

I'm peacin out for the night!!! Have a super duper week everyone!!!!
Peace and Love!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I love when I am surprised...

This new car, the Ford Flex, has surprised me. It was so different looking form the Explorer so I figured it had to be different looking on the inside too. WRONG!! It is amazing, inside and out.

We have been driving it since Monday and to say that I am enjoying it is an uderstatement! And Von...he LOVES this Flex. It sits lower to the ground but still has that SUV feel. And it has the room of a mini van without the "mini van" status, which "I" love because I am tired of being a mini van driving mommy. It has all the SYNC features which is fantastic...I still get to tell "Nancy" what to do! I won't get too detailed in my post tonight, I want to save it for video posting tomorrow.

If you can't wait too see it, then drive over to your local Ford dealership and tell 'em the Blogging Mommy sent you over to drive this amazing machine! If you live in my area, eh hem, that would be Harold Ziegler Ford in Elkhart. ;)

See ya tomorrow!
Peace and Love!
Tobi :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

My last ride with the Explorer...

That's right, I had to take back the Explorer today. I'm gonna miss that girl. I have some last bit of awesome-ness to show you so soak it up and enjoy!!!

Remember when I said I was going to share a really cool feature? So I was driving down the by-pass last weekend and I have this baby on cruise. Suddenly it starts slowing down and I haven't touched anything...then I noticed the car in front of me had slowed down. Hmmmm. The car in front of me started to speed back did the Explorer. senses the speed of the car in front of you when you have your cruise control on and adjusts your speed so you don't get too close. Amazing. I asked it to order me P.F. Changes but then took it back because I was worried it might actually show up in the glove box or something! I'm tellin' ya guys, this vehicle does it all!!

Here are a couple of other cool things I wanted to show you before I took her back...
First, the "key":

And now the back of the car:

I had a small tear in my eye as I gave Kathy from Harold Ziegler the key back, but I was super excited to see what new vehicle I was going to fall in love with next!

Well here it is!! A beautiful Ford Flex!

Come back Wednesday as I show off this amazing "hidden" gem of the Ford Family!!

Peace and Love!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

For the love of an Explorer

Oh man do I love this car. Just look at her!! Isn't she beautiful!?

I think I need my Midnight Rooster logo on the side...
Too much? How 'bout on the back??
I see a white decal for the back window in the works...
So I have some more video as promised of this lovely vehicle so kindly given to me for the week by our local Ford dealership, Harold Ziegler Ford of Elkhart.
Once again I look horrible!! The allergies are kickin' my butt and my eyes are all swollen and red and itchy!! So pay no attention to me...just check out the cool feature I highlighted...along with my daughter Emma!

And third times a charm...

So I realize I taped this on Monday, but with the sad news of little Isaac I just didn't have it in me last night to post about the car. But today is a new day, a fresh day...a very HOT day and the LAST day of school for our kiddos. If you have any questions about this car or any other cars Ford makes you can contact Harold Ziegler Ford and ask for Damon. Or better yet, go in and test drive one of these babies and fall in love like I have!! Make sure to tell them "The Blogging Mommy" sent you!

I hope you all have had a fantastic day and I will see you back here tomorrow!!
We are continuing to pray for Isaac and his family as he begins his journey on the fight of his life. I ask you to keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Peace and love!
AKA: The Blogging Mommy!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Praying for this boy

My heart is here, with this boy and his family tonight.
I really, really want to brag up a car...but my heart just isn't there tonight. This little boy, his name is Isaac and he is 5 years old, is the son of a high school friend that Von played basketball with. We called him cabbage head, but all in love because he is one of the nicest people you will ever know. This little boy is the son a mother that my husband taught with at the elementary school. She is funny as hell and witty and beautiful. This little boy is a brother...sandwiched in between two brothers who love him like only brothers can love each other. This little boy is a grandson, a nephew, a friend. Yesterday he was just a little he is a little boy that just had a malignant tumor removed from his brain. At age 5. The reality of this is like falling from a fence as a kid and having all the air knocked out of you leaving you unable to breathe. The reality of this is looking at your own children and wondering how and why they are so lucky and naive that they don't know this kind of fear...yet. The reality of this is knowing that no matter what you do or scream or pray or cry, it is out of your hands. The strength this family will come to know is a strength I don't think exists for people going on in an uninterupted world. If you are a praying person, please pray for this family. If you a spiritual person, please think of them often and wish them peace and harmony.

I will be back tomorrow to share about the car.
But for tonight, lets put cars and houses and "stuff" out of our thoughts...and think of our children and loved ones.

Peace and love to you,

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Swap my 1!

Hello friends! Check this bad boy out...
I think it's the most beautiful car I've ever seen! This is what I'll be driving for the next week, maybe 2 if I can't possibly give it up.
So here's how it all went down today...
I drive up in my 'ol mini van and told her I still loved her even though I was doing this...
I walked in to Harold Zeigler Ford and met Kathy, the GM. She was beautiful and funny and super-super nice! She took me out to the car, introduced me to one of her top sales guys, Damon, and he showed me the in's and out's of this gorgeous beauty. I drove away with a huge smile on my face anxious to share my love with you, but not until I fed my belly with some lunch. Oh and did I mention it had a full tank of gas??? Love it.

Here's Damon getting me all set up and syncing my iphone so all calls come through the speakers of the car when I'm driving...amazingly cool.
check it says "Tobi's iphone"!!!

There are so many amazing features about this car, I can't believe how much it does and how user friendly it is. I think it took all of 2 minutes to sync my phone! Almost everything you want to do can be done by voice command or through the touch screen. I'm kinda bossy so I like to tell the computer voice lady what to do...we call her Nancy. I took a short video to show you my favorite feature...PLEASE don't judge me on how rediculous I look, it's a bad angle folks! And I had to do 2 different videos, because well...videography isn't my speciality. Enjoy!!!

Did ya get a gool 'ol laugh...?? Tomorrow I promise I will hold my camera horizontally!

I can't wait to share more with you!!!! Be sure to visit the Harold Zeigler Ford Facebook page to see the photos they took today!! Tomorrow I will be posting some scrapbook yumminess too! Have a GREAT weekend everyone!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Are you Ford Tuff???

I will be this month!
I have some super exciting, awesomly cool news to share!!! So my amazingly cool best friend Michelle works in the sales department for B100, our local country radio station. They recently hosted a "mom's day out" in honor of mother's day where some lucky mommas were totally pampered for the morning and driven around in a sweet ride donated by Harold Zeigler Ford. When Michelle went to drop the car off that afternoon Kathy, the General Manager asked if Michelle would be interested in driving a new car for a week and then blogging and facebooking about her thoughts on the car. Michelle's not a big blogger and turned her down, however when she turned her down she SOOOO kindly offered up my name instead! (Cool eh?) So Kathy called me and we have it all set up for me go in tomorrow to try the first car! I feel so honored to be chosen to do this, how cool to drive a NEW car for 2 weeks and then blog about it and how cool it is! I will post the pictures and video tomorrow so be sure to check back to see how it went!!

Some other exciting stuff in the land of the little Beanie Bop graduated Kindergarten tonight..wha??? Hard to believe this georgeos little chub of a baby grew up and made it through a YEAR of school already! I guess he's all the reminder I need that I will be turning 37 in July. THIRTY-SEVEN? Amazing, I still feel like I'm 30.
He's so handsome...I just love this little punk.

Have a happy Friday eveyone!!! I can't wait to share my new ride with you tomorrow!
peace+love+Ford Tuff