Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Sunday!

It is indeed! Hope you all had a great weekend. Let's finish it off with another great peek photo by jeri hoag photography shall we.... :)

Isn't it lovely!? *sigh*

May 9th. Wow...that date is coming up FAST! I can't wait!! The website is about done and it is so perfectly perfect, I can't wait to launch it. As soon as the site goes live you will be able to pre-order and subscribe to the kits. I will hopefully have more details about the launch date for the website this week!!! YAY!

That's all I have for this wonderful rainy night. Perfect for snuggling with my boy!

peace-love-and Happy Monday

Thursday, April 22, 2010

*sigh of relief*

seriously...late gems, customs paperwork, wrong boxes...
it's enough to make 2 girls cry! But we did it, DT kits are officially OUT the door and on their way to my favorite group of girls!!

I know I promised our pics by Jeri Hoag Photography but I want to do it justice and I'm just much too tired to do that tonight! So look for that Thursday night!!

peace,love, and wonderful post office visits

Sunday, April 18, 2010

So busy!!!

And that's a good thing! No complaints here!! I keep tellin' people that this is such hard and time consuming work, but it's the best work of I've ever done (outside of my children) and we are loving every minute of it!

I have to apologize about my blog posts. I know when I say I'm going to post sneak peeks on Sunday's that the peeks come more like EARLY Monday mornin'! But you see, in my off kilter, vampire's really just early evening for me and I'm just gearing up for the night! Those of you fellow night owls get to see the pretty pictures on Sunday night, whilest you normal sleeping, functioning, bright eyed humans probably won't see them till Monday. So sorry!!! But Happy Monday! :) on to more important things! YAY! Check out this FABULOUS sneak photo! My amazing friend Jeri Hoag happens to be a phenominal photographer and has so graciously agreed to take our kit photos every month. Isn't this just yummy???

I will be doing a post later this week of some beautiful family shots she did last fall. I love her, and Jeri...thank you so much again for doing this. Not only have you made my family shine on our walls, but now you are making our kits shine for everyone to see. You are truly an amazing friend.

In some other news...because eventually this blog will go back to being my boring 'ol life beautiful baby girl had her first Magic soccer game today! We traveled to Ft. Wayne and it was so great to see her play! I missed so many of her games last year when I was working at my LSS, and it was great to be with my family on this day. She rocked the field I must the first five minutes she assisted one goal and scored another!!!!! I was such a happy and proud momma to see her score a goal!! Here is Em after she scored...

and some other awesome shots of her playin' her butt-oxen off!

I am so blessed.

peace*love*and family

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy Sneakeroo Sunday!

Hellllllooooo!!! sorry the blog post is late tonight! We had a belated Easter with von's family today and frankly I was pretty tired. I had to get up at 9:45...which for the rest of you is like...5:00am, seriously. My time is about 4hrs off from everyone Else's. :) I wish I had some photos to share...the kids were super cute and had a blast playing together. the little people have officially outnumbered the big people. Ya know the adult table you all have for holidays, in the special room with the nice silverware? and the kids table where they throw together some card tables and drag out the folding chairs? HA! The kids have taken over the adult table this year...were livin large folks. ;)

So spring break is over for another year...and I am ready for my family to go back to school. I loved hanging out with them all week and it was an awesome week weather wise, only a few rainy days and NO snow! However, i need to get back to my going back to bed after I drop Kien off at preschool...having cereal for lunch...not showering. :) wanna come hang out with me for a day!? HA! No, seriously, I am ready to get back into the swing of things. Janelle and I have lots of loose ends to tie up for the kits and i will feel so much better when EVERYthing is squared away. I approved our logo and website concept last week...they are SOOOOOO amazing, I can't wait to go live! I also created a midnight rooster facebook fanpage, so please...go and join!!! speaking of the kits...are you ready for your sunday sneaks????

both of those lovelies are from our add-on kit...yummy!

So i know many of you are wondering when the launch/release date is. we just want to make sure before we announce that date that everything is ready and no unforeseen problems can occur. Hopefully we can announce that this week and we can put all your beautiful, curious and creative minds at ease!

that's all i have for tonight! happy sleeping everyone!

peace~love~and back to routines!

Friday, April 9, 2010

we have a winner!

Oh man you guys!! I am soooo sorry I forgot to post the winner of our kit name! I feel horrible! All of your names were so fun and creative!! I loved the gangsta one, super cute! However...we loved the ones with the word "midnight" in them so we decided on "First Midnight Run" given to us by the amazing Candy Reszko Thank you so much Candy for your super fun name! A beautiful add-on kit will be shipped to your door!! Please email me your shipping address so we can get that out to you!

First Midnight Run
A beautiful scrapbook kit making it's debut May 9th! (May 7th if you become a subscriber!)

Once our website is finished you will be able to subscribe to our kits, which will hopefully be very soon!!! YAY!!! I can't WAIT! Thank you all for being so patient as we near our launch date...without a website! :) LOL!

peace*love*and crossed fingers!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Welcome to the team!!!!!!

Without further adieu, please welcome the following totally raddish girls to the very first Midnight Rooster design team!!!!

Michelle Burry-DT Coordinator
Kristy Wiseman
Emily Spahn
Jill Cornell
Wendy McKee
Jing-Jing Nickel
Charity Hassel
Keri Babbitt

I feel so blessed to have these girls on our team and we are so excited to see all their amazing projects! Stay tuned to the blog (the website progress is coming along) as we meet each of these girls and find out a bit more about them!

A huge THANK YOU to all who applied. As I stated in the last post this was NOT an easy task! You are all amazing and talented women who are capturing the memories of your lives for years to come...never loose sight that THAT is the most important thing about this awesome hobby!

peace^love^and congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Butterflies I tried to post 3 different times yesterday from my lucky. We spent the day in Chicago with the kiddos, which was super fun...but exhausting. I broke my camera...just the lens I think...but that is not good news for my sneak peek coming up for Sunday! I'll get something figured out...but it's really a bummer. Check out this cool photo...I am scared to death of heights and I did NOT want to go up in the tower of death. But I didn't want my kids to see my fear and create fear in them so I took one for the team. The whole time all I could think about was getting down, but not until after we took this amazing, blurry crazy shot.

Yikes...Von was sweating the whole time...he was more freaked out that I was! We were up 103 stories with nothing under us but some thick glass like stuff. How stupid are we??? Once in a lifetime stupid I guess!

so, moving on! Tomorrow is THE big day!! Holy cow, I have butterflies...I can't imaging how you all must be feeling! This was such a hard decision, I don't like looking at layouts to judge them on style...that feels wrong to me. You all put so much love and emotion into your work and for me tell you that your style doesn't fit our club is not easy to do. All of your work is beautiful, and Janelle and I appreciate your kind words of encouragement so much. So if you don't get an email from us tomorrow, please know we never looked at layouts as not being "good" was simply a style decision. And I am going to stop talking now...I could ramble on for hours until I started to cry!!! Good luck everyone!!! We will be talking to several of you tomorrow!!!!!!

peace*love*and skyscrapers

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A little teaser...

Man...father time sure is clippin along! And without asking me if I'm ok with that! I sure could use a few extra days but then all that would do is take me further away from our d-d-d-d-d-date, our lauch it, get it while it's hot-kit's go on sale and into your eager little hands-date! It's coming, soon, I promise. We aren't ready to release our date quite yet...but May is right around the corner! promised here is a small peek! Can you guess what's in this bag?? Oh ladies, months worth of finger lickin, toe curlin, adhesive runnin, wanna lock my self in my scrap room for days and play KITS!

I love how the sun glares ever so slightly on the baggie so you just get a small glimpse of the pretties inside...aaaahhhh. ;)

I will do small little peeks like these every Sunday night until our website is up.

I had some distractions while I was shooting the wonder I couldn't get more shots of the product...look how cute they are! Even Willo, I had to shave her last week...she looks like a naked mole rat right now...

That's it for today my loves! I am going to bathe myself and go enjoy this beautiful weather before crazy Indiana gives us a snowstorm...just to let us know that it's not summer yet. And no...they aren't calling for a snowstorm, but it's always a possibility living here!

peace! love! and 70 degrees!!