Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I am in L-O-V-E why is it that we always want what's most expensive?

I am on the search for a web designer...not just your average joe, corporate, template designing web designer. Hats off to all that do that job and I mean NO harm or disrespect by any means...but we need something more artistic and unique. I was frustrated one night and decided I was done...I was in the mood for some mindless eye candy that made my heart go pitter pat pat. this amazing chick will make you curl your toes in excitment. so i'm scrolling along and come across this...

...oh my. the web site angels were singing in my head and i instantly wanted to grow old in that beautifuly sketched little town of 5 buildings. i want this...well, not THIS one...but you know what i mean. i went here , ebsi websites and liked what i saw. emailed shawn, talked to him the next day for 45 min, we became best friends and i instantly wanted him to design my webpage. he's pricey. that sucks. he's worth it WORD his team can create some wicked cool stuff. i'm really trying not to want it so bad. history shows i am a mean little scrapper when i don't get my way. is written...if i don't get this i warned you all! :)

I'll keep you posted...pray for the people that dare tell me no on this.

P.S...why am i still up at this rediculous time of the night. kien has a field trip tomorrow morning...good thing i keep that happy mommy outfit hanging in the closet.

peace*love*and a walmart budget

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Get outta my way...nothin grows in shadows.

That's right...i'm feeling all the positive thoughts and love coming our way, and i am LOVING it!!! not a whole lot to update with...except that this crazy cool, wicked fab company is on it's way. rock on!

we have also gotten some pretty sweet submissions...i am so amazed at the talent out there!!
Keep 'em coming girls!

That's all I got...more to follow as it comes!

peace^love^and jake owen

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Here. We. GOOOOO. i'm gonna start letting the cat out of the bag! YIKES! this is very important to do since i may have some visitors stopping by to check out the details about the DT CALL FOR MIDNIGHT ROOSTER SCRAPBOOKING KITS!

yeeeez...that is the big plunge going on over here getting all who get to close soaked with my excitement! i am in the process of getting our incredible logo from orangegecko designs. all i can say is WOW. she does amazing work and i can't wait to see what she comes up with! from there it is on to the website. i got my big gurl pannies on and i am ready for this. wanna know the other girls that are puttin on THEIR big gurl pannies???'ll just have to wait, i can't give away AAAALLL my secrets today!

so...lets DO dis...future designers, here's the scoop:
Please send the following things to
1) 3 of your best layouts...8-1/2 x 11 or 12 x 12
2) 1 card
3) an altered project
4) a link to your blog and/or work if you have one
5) reason why you think you'd be a good fit for this team

*****international entries are welcome*****'s what we'd like you to do every month:
1) complete 3-4 + pages per month
2) complete 1 card or project per month
3) post on the blog once a month with a project or tutorial
4) keep a fresh face on our facebook page by posting your work
5) spread the word on your blog and facebook page

i can't wait to see what crazy madness you all send in...i'm sure it will rock my nailpolish off!

peace * love * and goodluck

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

NO Swimming...DIVING only. i have had this dream for a LONG time...but our financial situation never really allowed me to make it a reality. then i got like THEE coolest job in the world and i was happy and content and falling in love with owls and trees and october afternoon. then my world crashed and my dream job came to an end and the store closed it's doors. to our happy surprise it was bought by a lovely couple and yet i wasn't sure i wanted to work there...change is hard for me...and to say that the last few months of my job were emotionally draining would not due justice people. but i met the new owner, and the interview was wonderful and i got excited and decided i DID want to go back...i missed the product and all the crazies my heart fell in love with! but she hasn't called me back to work there. i was heartbroken and couldn't understand why, then i heard some horrible things have been floating around about me and i figured those nasty little lies made their way to the important people...and those people decided to believe the nasty stuff. not much i can do about that. i'm cool now. i know that God closes some doors in order for us to open new ones...even if we are a bit afraid. i trust this Man...He knows me...He loves me, and He has never steered me wrong. so i won't be working at the new Pages In Time Forever...and I consider it her loss.

my gain however will be a new dream...and a very special friend of mine, for some crazy reason that i haven't figured out yet want's to be a part of it. we are joining forces...and i am very lucky...she is extremely talented, fun and creative. we are going to do this, and we are going to make it great...and wow i'm scared to death!!! :) here's a hint...

any clues? :) i'll give more hints as time goes on...

peace, love, and stay tuned.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

People are People, you like some and pray for the others...

Hello my friends!!! Sooooooo...check out the NEW blog! The most amazing Kristina Proffitt redesigned it for me, for...get this...ONLY $25!! Can you wrap your brains around THAT!! She was most amazing to work with and I feel like I've developed a new friend! She is seriously great people...go check her out! There is a link on the side of my have to use that because I don't know how to give you a link in a sentence...nor do I know how to break into a computer and give people "insider information"...but that's another story...

So some really fun and great things have been happening at the Oxenrider homestead...for starters Von only has TWO more weeks left of basketball. Don't get me wrong, i think it's totally rad and pretty hot that my husband coaches basketball...but i miss this totally rad and hot man. The last month has been CRAAAAA-ZY! and frankly i'm tired of being a single mom! Another geeeee-rate thing is that my beautiful bff has found a VERY nice guy...and they hang out A LOT. even though i miss her terribly i would give my top canines (even though i hope to use them as a vampire someday) to see her married off and all happy in love!! my heart is singing for her, she deserves this more than anyone knows. aaaaaaand...the best news yet??? THE COLTS ARE HEADING TO THE SUPERBOWL BABY!!! will be watching it with our wonderful Colts Fan Friends! weeee, i can't wait!

on to other family news...

I am soooo proud of this boy. he has been sucking his thumb since he ripped himself from my womb! it was adorable when he was a baby...cute as a toddler...embarrassing when his teeth began to be jacked up, and ridiculous when he was still doing it a SEVEN! so we decided no more...we talked about it, encouraged him, got him ready for the big day. but when the big day arrived it s-u-c-k-e-d!!! i wanted to cave, my heart was breaking for him, because you see, in order for him to stop sucking his thumb...we had to take his blanket away. HIS BLANKET!!! his source of comfort, the thing he used to take him to his happy place, me, his mother, ripped it from his sweet little hands. so the first night he cried a bit and crawled up behind me on the couch. he tucked his little hand into the couch and fell asleep behind me...sweet little angel. The next night we took him to build-a-bear and stuffed a wolf with the remnants of his old blanket so that it would always "be" with him. he liked that idea and did ok that night as well...but the next night....WOWZA! not so great. he cried for at least 2 hours...and broke my heart, and frustrated me, and made want to rip that damn blanket from the inside of that wolf and give it back to him! but we didn't, we held strong and so did he. I am happy to report that he is doing PHENOMENAL!!!
Oh...we also chopped all his beautiful hair off...he is sooooo handsome!

that's all the blogging i got in me for today...i do have other children and i'll write about them too some other time i suppose...the ARE pretty cute...yeah, i'll write about them.

For now,
Peace, Love and bubblegum (cuz i'm chewing some right now)