Monday, October 27, 2008

7 days and counting!

I don't want this blog to become my political platform or a discussion forum for politics...but all I can say is God be with us on November 4th. I love my conservative friends...but please please please get your facts straight before you make a post about a candidate. Obama strongly opposes partial birth abortions...and he NEVER supported a ban to administer life support to babies born alive during an abortion. If you were watching the debate you saw and heard how he explained this disgusting accusation that he is basically a baby killer. He is a pro-choice candidate that believes that the abortion discussion is not one that the government should be a part of. He believes that this is a decision between a woman, her family and her God. He is a man that is needed to change this take us in a better and healthier direction. No matter who our next president is...I will always be a firm Obama supporter. How can you possibly support a man that wants to take our freedom of choice away? A freedom that God gave us? Who is a president to take the job of God...are we such a desperate nation that we want to put the responsibility of playing God in our next presidents hands? Hmmm...somehow I don't think God is looking for actors to play His part. He is hoping that we make faithful decisions ourselves without laws telling us to do so. Is a law against abortion going to make God happy...if that's the case then why don't we throw out the constitution and use the bible? Because we have a freedom as believers, if you are one, to make our own choices to follow God, not be forced puppets on a string. Oh...that felt good. Sometimes I just feel like we are a country with people trying to take us back to the conservative views of the 1950's. I'm just not a 50's kind of girl.

It's still October...don't forget to feel those boobies ladies!!!


AliBaba37 said...

The Twilight soundtrack is now available for pre-order on iTunes - with THREE bonus tracks!!!

Two are classical music types (Clair de Lune and some other one by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra), but the third one is another song by Robert Pattinson!

Needless to say, I canceled my order from I'll have the soundtrack at 12:01am on November 4th!

Heidi said...

Amen sista', I mean daughta'!! Very well said and thought out. I love you very much. Thanks for saying what I can't!!