Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm Baaaaccck

So here I am...back to my cozy little blog world. This is gonna be a long post people...grab some joe!

So Janelle's crop was amazing as usual. Friday night was the equivalent to Opra's favorite things...she gave away such awesome gifts! And the food...seriously, it was so great! We had some great laughs on Saturday night as we drank Heidi Ho's. A heidi ho is a killer drink with vodka...and I don't like vodka...but this is like Kool-Aid girls! You mix BLUEBERRY vodka, cranberry juice and sprite...yum. The trip to the liquor store was the best part...have you ever tried to get booze after nine pm in Nappanee??? not an easy thing. We off roaded through parking lots, down side streets and through gas stations looking for THREE ingredients, all with a van full of giggle-ers. Good times. Can't wait till the next one.

The next weekend my family came back down for a fun photo opp done by none other than the fabuloso Jeri Hoag. This is a good one...hold tight. So we thought it would be great to go up to the Warren dunes, beautiful scenery right??? Well the road had been washed out so we had to walk a mile back to the beach...while toting a large upholstered orange chair, a wooden chair, petty skirt, snacks, puppies, camera equipment...shall I go on? OH...and let me throw in a bit of "girl" stuff here...I had just started my period and could have saved MANY lives people...multiple...if the cullens were around I could have fed their ENTIRE family! And we all know there are just bathrooms galore on the beach...not good. But what's one to do...go with the flow...no pun intended. So my kids were rotten, but hey...they wanted to play on the dunes and be kids. Despite the fact that Kien and Emma were totally NOT cooperating and we started to loose our light, we got some beautiful shots. I love the fact that our family was captured for who we were...not what we wanted to be for a photo. Jeri did amazing under pressure...not sure she wants to get into family photography anymore though! So walking back to the car a few hours later I realize that things in the, ah, nether region probably are not so hot...in fact I'm feeling a rather cool spot on my butt. Yeah...you can guess. Not pretty. Not fun, especially in brand new jeans. Like I've said before...stupid girl parts! Take a look at a photo though...

So the reason this photo is so great is that it captures the very essence of who my family is...see that Emma is having a typical girly moment...Kien isn't happy either...Von is blowing away a mosquito, I of course am paying attention...Ethan is so damn happy to have that stupid horse on his lap, my mom is having one of her ADD moments as she stares up at the trees looking for cloud shapes in the sky...my dad is wondering when this is going to be over and my sister is thinking how glad she is that she doesn't have any kids! I totally love it...a photo should make you happy about your family and smile because you know the funny story behind the frozen moment. Thank you Jeri. (Here's another great one...)

OK...on to the next weekend. Not so exciting. We had our special Birthday crop at the store...which lasted ALL night. From 8am Sat. morning until 6am Sunday morning. I did the 9pm till 6am shift...it was tons of fun. I took a 5 hour nap on Saturday and I was fine into the wee hours of the night. My partner in crime didn't fair so well, Anne was a bit tired as we headed into the home stretch...but she pushed through and we made it! I slept until about 2:30 the next afternoon until Emma's championship soccer game. It was a very close game and Emma's team was the more dominate team...but they lost... 1-0. But on a happy note, soccer is finally over and we can have our Saturdays back, YES!

so a few more things to plug...ELECTION DAY!!! Man I can't wait to get out there and vote! This momma is for Obama! It's exciting to be so passionate about this election and I am so excited and fired up!!! Even more exciting (on a different note of course) is the gap that is closing between me and seeing twilight. I have never wished for a movie so badly!! Uhh...yum! T-shirts or no t-shirts?? I'm thinkin there are enough of us going to the movie together that we should have tshirts...something to ponder upon...

So that's all for tonight. Don't check my spelling. I suck at spelling.
wicky wicky woo....goodnight to you!


jeri hoag said...

oh tobi, you're hilarious! it was my pleasure to take your families photos. i had such a great time... i would do it all again.

Michelle Burry said...

Tob, you crackhead! I can't believe that you shared the "flo" story - my heavens! Love the pics. You're right about capturing the true spirit of the moment and not just the pretty stuff.

I can't wait for Twilight, either! I think I watch the trailer at least 2-3 times a day! I'm all for t-shirts, too. I heard that Hot Topic (otherwise known as "the scarey store") has some. Oh, and I pre-ordered the soundtrack! ;)

AliBaba37 said...

I wasn't thinking that I was happy I didn't have any kids - I was thinking that the make-up compact I stowed in my back pocket was digging into my ass! (Now you know the TRUE story behind that picture! :-) )

And,yes, we need t-shirts - possibly long-sleeved. I've been contemplating this. There are some cool things on amazon.com - though, the t-shirts are a bit boring...cool keychains and the "Cullen Crest" jewelry that the actors wear in the movie!

See you in a few short days! LOVE YOU!

Heidi said...

OMG - I'm dying here!! You captured the moment perfectly. Except for one thing. There were no clouds. I was looking for God!!

T-shirts are a must! And red pop. Can we sit in the front row?

Michelle Burry said...

I *love* the red pop idea - a big fan of Barq's Red Cream Soda - and the front row would be fabulouso!! Oh, and I amended my time-off request so that I could take Friday the 21st off instead of the next Wednesday! =)