Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dude...i totally SUCK at blogging right now. i have had NO desire to update this thing, don't know why. Well...tonight i must update, i have so much to show, yippie!!
i first start out with the uber exciting news of our newest family member...she is soft, has four feet, floppy ears, sharp teeth and we LOVE her! willo is her name and she joined our family exactly one week ago. i found her on from a rescue place in Ohio. She has fit in so well...although potty training is going to be a long haul as is to be expected with little dogs. (she is a Pekingese/shi-tzu mix) Ready for some photos????

yes...she has one brown eye and one blue eye which freaks some people out, but i think it makes her unique! there is more going on in our lives than just puppy's just not as exciting! :) kids are great! report cards came home and ALL the kids are doing so well! Ethan continues to amaze us with his love for reading and emma's imagination has only gotten"imaginative" in her writing! Kien knows more letters and sounds than we thought and he loves sitting down and doing his homework with kids at night. good learning going on in our house people.

here's some simple quickies...
new years was awesome, spent with my very greatest friends...

of course von and andy topped the evening off by joining the polar bear club. leave it my drunk husband and his drunk bff to do something so was pretty funny though.
i have acquired a new friend at logans steakhouse that gives me free beverages when i pick up my dinner...that's kinda fun.

i have fallen in love with the cartoon Phineas and ferb. "hey Phineas...whatcha doin?"

i'm dieting...well...dieting for me. slimfast and the treadmill are my 2 best friends, except for when i'm pms-ing...then candy is my bff. i kinda like it though.

i'm teaching classes again at the store...not kit classes...just fun little classes that don't take so much time.

we got the kids a new game for the wii...animal crossing, city folk. i really like playing this game and can sit for hours at a time walking this strange little green haired shrek looking girl around to pick up apples and coconuts to sell...What the F*&%? oh well. i'm allowed to like it.

well, i'm think i'm done for tonight. this was fun, i'll have to do it again...peace out homies.


EmmaP said...

hey Tobi! just checkin out your blog, from one blogger to another. Cute page. Also, just finished visiting your etsy shop. way cute stuff! I didn't know you did that sort of stuff. good for you! cute family too!

AliBaba37 said...

It's about damn time!!! I was feelin lonely! I can't wait to meet Willo!

Keisha said...

I know what you mean about the updating! That is a great photo of all of you:)