Friday, February 27, 2009

Thunder only happens when it's rainin...

Hello sweet blog friends...
I am totally bored off my ass as I get ready to jot down a few quick notes before i head off to work.

so why does thunder only happen when it's raining??? I mean, I know WHY...but wouldn't it be wonderful it would thunder every morning as you were getting ready? That'd be so cool.

most of you know that Kien scalped willo...she looks totally stupid right now. I must remember to keep scissors hidden from that boy.

Went and saw he's just not that in to you last weekend for my mom's b-day. I have to say my favorite line from the movie is..."wow, your the best friend I've ever had". it was a cute flick.

my "diet" is going well. I've lost 14 lbs!! i know it's totally the treadmill that is doing it...that's cool. it's good for me to be exercising.

i have a class of 18 women this weekend...what the hell was I thinkin?? this ought to be interesting, fun, but interesting. ok...make that 19, the store called with one more sign up. game on.

well kids, i think that's it. here's some pics...
peace, love and butterflies.