Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Movin on...

(so my friend Jeri has some mad photography skills...go check her out at jerihoagphotography.blogspot.com

ok...so it's time to get the "g.d. cougar" off of everyone elses blog titles!!! Sorry guys! Not much to write about...life life life...yadda yadda yadda. Here's a quick update on everyone:
Von: Who's that?? oh yeah...that guy i see sometimes that keeps me warm at night.
Emma: Less dramatic...more smiles...better lips! GREAT sharer, loving sister.
Ethan: Sucking his thumb like crazy, still cuddly, no bed peeing...loves to read
Kien: super chatty, loves his Michelle...so excited about the water park, doesn't want to kiss me anymore..."only hug mom". Loving school...and Avery??? hmmm.
Me....ha. wondering if a shiny red sports car could take the place of other things...
Willo: damn teenager. likes to bite and chew...tormenting the cats...LOL.
Rufie: still a great cat
Caymen: still the red headed step-child of cats.

so there ya go. life in a nutshell.

i'm super excited to for sunday...we are taking the kids to kalahari waterpark in sandusky, OH. this place is so rad! it's huge and we are going to have a BLAST!

also...i am soooo stoked that my spartans are in the FINAL FOUR BABY!!! HELL yea!!!

so i'm down 18lbs. i should feel like a rockstar...and i am glad, don't get me wrong. but in my mind i should be...like...a size 8, and i'm not. it is nice to have people notice...but then i just think, man was i so fat that people are noticing??? such a vicious thing weight is. and i am so not into the treadmill right now. could be my hormonal week, i don't know...but it sucks. i. must. keep. it. going. :)

oh, i found this "fill in thingy" on a blog i read...so i'll leave you with these answers!! Happy humpday! by the way...my answers are in italic. :)

1. In a hole in the ground, there was a magic box that if found, would give you all the happiness in the world...if only i could find that damn box!

2. I don't drive an expensive new car, but that ain't no matter."

3. "After dark the rain began to fall again, and I was sooooo hoping for a great thunderstorm, one where the thunder shakes the whole house!"

4. "I've never heard of the hold of the Spanish galleon?" Where the heck was I when they talked about this in school?

5. "There was a hand in the darkness, so I grabbed onto it for dear life...and then I had a nice chat with my grandma and she told me she was good on the other side."

6. "Accidents ambush the unsuspecting...yeah...just like when your six years old and the accident is peeing the bed and your going to least expect it when your asleep right? Kidding...absolutely accidents ambush the unsuspecting...but great things happen when you least expect them too...so I say, live life and embrace the good stuff and the accidents."

7. And as for the weekend...I will be working and playing. Not bad.


Jeri Hoag said...

It's about time you update your blog.

Awe, you're so sweet, Tobi! Thanks for mentioning my site.

Can't wait for Kalahari! We are going to have a great time!

Tricia said...

ok, you seriously CRACK ME UP!