Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Merry little 2010 to you…

so here we go again…i’m doin good at this every 6 months blog thing…on a roll kids!  However…i now have my OWN laptop so i have no excuses.  von got me the cutest little inspiron…super small and super light, perfect for taking along to crops or blogging or surfing the web which is what i usually end up doing instead of blogging.  no one wants to hear about my boring ol’ life anyway! :)  i’ll fill in the good parts real quick though…

this kid in the green…yeah, he’s mine…just turned 7!!  Wow.  These are his punk friends, i mean that in the most loving of terms.  I like his friends, they’re pretty funny.


This place, my second home, my passion, my escape…my job, it was a lot of things to me…closed

  It was a weird October/November.  But it will continue on in the hands of some wonderful people, and i am grateful for that.  will i work there…time, and Clint and Jennifer will determine that.

i got a new dew…fun.  gonna be high maintenence though.



Christmas was here…right?  i have some photos resembling kids opening gifts, but it’s all such a blur.

DSC_0030 new boots, she liked them.

DSC_0018 getting by with a little help from his friend…or brother.

DSC_0044 working on one of the many lego sets that are breeding right before my eyes…seriously people…they are multiplying under my feet!!!

DSC_0053 kien trying to show my grandpa the way to play his ds.  grandpa gave it his all…i just enjoyed the cutest image of a few of my favorite boys hangin out.

DSC_0060 i love this boy.

DSC_0062 nana loves this girl.

DSC_0091 my sister loved her earrings.

DSC_0092 my aunt and uncle loved their bananas game…even though it was used and had to be taken back the next day…

DSC_0193 gross….

DSC_0170 WTF????  REALLY???  COULD IT BE?  yes…you were finally paid back… :)  THAT felt good!

DSC_0155 Merry christmas from willo!

ooooooh K….so I guess Christmas did happen.  and it was fun, i’m just always glad when it’s over.  i loved it as a kid, because it was magical, and I want that for my kids but the woman that made it that way is gone and i’m not sure how to put her spirit in this.  I miss her.

since i don’t like to get all emotional i’ll move on to new year’s.  THAT did happen, because I felt like shit the next day…good times with the cripes and a “james bond” theme…which i was not fond of at first.  but it was fun dressing up!



DSC_0227 happy new year susan…


so that’s it friends…Happy new year!!!


"A Scrapaddict's Ramblings!" said...

OMG, you blogged! ;) Wish I could have made it NYE. Miss you! :(

Tricia said...

so nice to see you are back girl! Keep in touch...great pics of the family. hugz

Keisha said...

UR too cute Tobi! Happy to stumble on your post:) Sorry I missed NYE too! Love ya girl!