Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy Sneakeroo Sunday!

Hellllllooooo!!! sorry the blog post is late tonight! We had a belated Easter with von's family today and frankly I was pretty tired. I had to get up at 9:45...which for the rest of you is like...5:00am, seriously. My time is about 4hrs off from everyone Else's. :) I wish I had some photos to share...the kids were super cute and had a blast playing together. the little people have officially outnumbered the big people. Ya know the adult table you all have for holidays, in the special room with the nice silverware? and the kids table where they throw together some card tables and drag out the folding chairs? HA! The kids have taken over the adult table this year...were livin large folks. ;)

So spring break is over for another year...and I am ready for my family to go back to school. I loved hanging out with them all week and it was an awesome week weather wise, only a few rainy days and NO snow! However, i need to get back to my going back to bed after I drop Kien off at preschool...having cereal for lunch...not showering. :) wanna come hang out with me for a day!? HA! No, seriously, I am ready to get back into the swing of things. Janelle and I have lots of loose ends to tie up for the kits and i will feel so much better when EVERYthing is squared away. I approved our logo and website concept last week...they are SOOOOOO amazing, I can't wait to go live! I also created a midnight rooster facebook fanpage, so please...go and join!!! speaking of the kits...are you ready for your sunday sneaks????

both of those lovelies are from our add-on kit...yummy!

So i know many of you are wondering when the launch/release date is. we just want to make sure before we announce that date that everything is ready and no unforeseen problems can occur. Hopefully we can announce that this week and we can put all your beautiful, curious and creative minds at ease!

that's all i have for tonight! happy sleeping everyone!

peace~love~and back to routines!


Keri said...

Yay, yay, yay...fabric, tulle, trim, kraft, pins?! Gotta love ALL of this! :)

Michelle Burry said...

Looks yummy! =)

em said...

good stuff! :) :)

Jeri Hoag said...

cute stuff! yep, totally agree... ready to get back a normal routine. :)

Sue K said...

Everything is so cute...cute...cute. I can hardly wait until that first kit is ready for release. Tobi, you're killing me with your teases... :)

"Divine" Hand said...

Leaves me wanting to see so much more!!! Trying to be patient still!

I don't think I will have a regular routine for a while with baby soon to be coming and all. LOL!

Tricia said...

sewing, fabric, trim, yummy