Thursday, June 2, 2011

Are you Ford Tuff???

I will be this month!
I have some super exciting, awesomly cool news to share!!! So my amazingly cool best friend Michelle works in the sales department for B100, our local country radio station. They recently hosted a "mom's day out" in honor of mother's day where some lucky mommas were totally pampered for the morning and driven around in a sweet ride donated by Harold Zeigler Ford. When Michelle went to drop the car off that afternoon Kathy, the General Manager asked if Michelle would be interested in driving a new car for a week and then blogging and facebooking about her thoughts on the car. Michelle's not a big blogger and turned her down, however when she turned her down she SOOOO kindly offered up my name instead! (Cool eh?) So Kathy called me and we have it all set up for me go in tomorrow to try the first car! I feel so honored to be chosen to do this, how cool to drive a NEW car for 2 weeks and then blog about it and how cool it is! I will post the pictures and video tomorrow so be sure to check back to see how it went!!

Some other exciting stuff in the land of the little Beanie Bop graduated Kindergarten tonight..wha??? Hard to believe this georgeos little chub of a baby grew up and made it through a YEAR of school already! I guess he's all the reminder I need that I will be turning 37 in July. THIRTY-SEVEN? Amazing, I still feel like I'm 30.
He's so handsome...I just love this little punk.

Have a happy Friday eveyone!!! I can't wait to share my new ride with you tomorrow!
peace+love+Ford Tuff


Anonymous said...

That is wonderful Tobi, if they need any other people, suggest me...I would love to do something like that.....

Mary Juckett