Monday, June 13, 2011

My last ride with the Explorer...

That's right, I had to take back the Explorer today. I'm gonna miss that girl. I have some last bit of awesome-ness to show you so soak it up and enjoy!!!

Remember when I said I was going to share a really cool feature? So I was driving down the by-pass last weekend and I have this baby on cruise. Suddenly it starts slowing down and I haven't touched anything...then I noticed the car in front of me had slowed down. Hmmmm. The car in front of me started to speed back did the Explorer. senses the speed of the car in front of you when you have your cruise control on and adjusts your speed so you don't get too close. Amazing. I asked it to order me P.F. Changes but then took it back because I was worried it might actually show up in the glove box or something! I'm tellin' ya guys, this vehicle does it all!!

Here are a couple of other cool things I wanted to show you before I took her back...
First, the "key":

And now the back of the car:

I had a small tear in my eye as I gave Kathy from Harold Ziegler the key back, but I was super excited to see what new vehicle I was going to fall in love with next!

Well here it is!! A beautiful Ford Flex!

Come back Wednesday as I show off this amazing "hidden" gem of the Ford Family!!

Peace and Love!!