Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I love when I am surprised...

This new car, the Ford Flex, has surprised me. It was so different looking form the Explorer so I figured it had to be different looking on the inside too. WRONG!! It is amazing, inside and out.

We have been driving it since Monday and to say that I am enjoying it is an uderstatement! And Von...he LOVES this Flex. It sits lower to the ground but still has that SUV feel. And it has the room of a mini van without the "mini van" status, which "I" love because I am tired of being a mini van driving mommy. It has all the SYNC features which is fantastic...I still get to tell "Nancy" what to do! I won't get too detailed in my post tonight, I want to save it for video posting tomorrow.

If you can't wait too see it, then drive over to your local Ford dealership and tell 'em the Blogging Mommy sent you over to drive this amazing machine! If you live in my area, eh hem, that would be Harold Ziegler Ford in Elkhart. ;)

See ya tomorrow!
Peace and Love!
Tobi :)


Leisa Dreps said...

I could tell that you've had a very different feeling when you started driving this new car - I wonder if it's like love at first sight. What are your most favorite things that this car has?

Tobi said...

Leisa I DO love this car! My favorite thing has got to be the SYNC technology! I love the built in navigation and that fact that I can see the map, have the climate control and see my music selection all on one screen. It's an AMAZING car!!