Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Blog Inspired

Ok...so I'm really gonna do this. I figured out how to size my header so I'm pretty stoked. And I'm pretty inspired to get this damn thing going because there are some things I want to do...and I need to get out in the blog world to do them!

So the kids have started school...yikes the summer went fast. Emma is in 2nd grade this year and is pretty used to the routine...although she likes to be a drama queen and fight me on EVERYthing. Ethan started Kindergarten this year...ALL DAY! shew, wasn't ready for that one. Dude...he is carrying a lunch tray ALL BY HIMSELF...and I don't think he's dropped it yet. He's exhausted when he gets home, but he loves it. Kien is still doing the preschool thing. He's a bit lost without his big brother...they are buds. He's doing great and I love the preschool program and the teachers. So that's life here in the education world...let's see, what else...

My friend Jeri has a new blog up for her photography...she's good people. She is just getting started and I'm so excited for her...go check out her blog!!http://jerihoagphotography.blogspot.com/

Mama mia is coming to town on THURSDAY!! Weeee! (not the musical...my actual mom) I'm having a move over martha food party and she's comin for it! I think we are going to scrap Sat. night, can't wait.

ok...so that's it for now...maybe I'll be back soon!!


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