Sunday, September 14, 2008

keep up with the rooster...or become a chicken...

My late night habits are sooo not conducive to my children's lifestyles. I really need to STOP staying up so late because I totally pay for it alllll the next day and I feel like a total loser mom and wife when all I want to do is stare at the back of my eyelids while they are all up and at em. I seriously have the best husband for not bitching at me about being such a night owl.

I'm in a bit of a funk...I always am after my mom leaves. But this time it's double because my sister was here to. She totally surprised me Saturday morning by coming down. Little sneaker...thinkin she can pull one over one was soo great and the kids were so excited to see her. I think she was glad to be here, even though mom and I drug her to Pages to scrap all night, and by all night I mean until 4:30 in the flippin AM! Dude...what am I smokin to think that I can hang with the clock that long??? well...I did get all my class stuff done. And I had a great time scrapping with my girls...always good times! Can't wait to get my scrap on at Janelle's in THREE weeks! Yeah man!

okie dokie, I need to sleep! here's the layouts I was going to post the other night, enjoy!

Emma and her Jasmine this summer:

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some goofy halloween layouts:

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Emma at her last day of school picnic:

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Heidi said...

I must have gotten the bird flu trying to stay up with the rooster! Ughhhhh.... I'm home today. Drive home last night went well. No problems with the traffic or the rain. Going back to bed now. . . I love you and miss you and the babes! (that includes the Vons)

jeri hoag said...

hey you! fun layouts!

Jennifer said...

I wish we had another halloween costume party to go to. That was fun in a way...ya know what I mean?! I have a good costume for the next halloween party that I attend.