Thursday, September 18, 2008

chitty chitty chat chat

I thought the house would be super quiet with 2 off to school all day and only one kiddo at home...wrong! Let me tell ya...this kid is a chatty cathy! I love him, but seriously, take 20 questions times 40. I have more conversation with him in 3 hours than I could ever possibly have with an adult in a whole day. Hilarious. By the way...I'm reading Twilight AGAIN. *sigh*


Heidi said...

You didn't tell me Bella gets PG. I had to stop reading because I had to go to sleep so I'm sure sure what happens! I'm upstairs right now to read!!!

Heidi said...

Oh, and tell chatty Kien that he needs to tell me another story next time I come down. I wonder who he gets his talky talk from???

Heidi said...

Do you realize that we will know who our new president is before we get to see Twilight. Whew, glad that will be over so we can concentrate on what's important!! EDWARD- you're killing my buzz!!