Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I miss Edward...

I miss Forks, and Bella, and Edward and Alice...and Jacob too. What do you do when you become so obsessed about a flippin BOOK(S)???? Dream about them all I guess! :)

So little bean man had preschool today. He has a s'mores poptart every morning because he is OBSESSED with them...and I mean OBSESSED! He only had one of the two before I took him to school and on the way there he said "mommy, can I have my udder poptart when I get home"? Me - "Yes Kien, I'll save it for you" So the first thing he does when he gets in the car when I pick him up from preschool is ask where his poptart is and if he can eat it now. OBSESSED!! It sure is quiet around the house with the other 2 kids at school all day. Kien is so good and he plays by himself very well. He has a great imagination and I love just sitting back and watching him pretend...

So I worked tonight...and I am getting a bit pissy that the new stuff from the CHA show has not been rolling in! It's like, crawling in...and a very slow crawl at that! Ugg. So not much to do tonight, but we stayed busy with customers...lovely ones and annoying ones, good thing I love my job!

So when I got home it was my worst &*()&) nightmare come true...dude, I've got the chills right now. I'm gettin my pj's out of the drawer and I layed them on the bed...yeah...your freakin out right now because you know what I'm getting ready to tell you. PEOPLE...there was a HHHUUUGGGEEEE SPIDER on the corner of my bed. Just waiting for me to crawl in so it could drink my O+ blood...and NO...I don't think it was a Cullen in spider drag!!!!! yeeeeeeeikes! I screamed - von jumped out of bed an threw the covers on top of it...i scream "YOUR GONNA COVER IT UP!!!! WERE GONNA LOSE HIM!!!!" he pulls the covers back up and it crawls back to the corner and he says..."GIVE ME SOMETHING"...and I say..."dumbass...your by the closet, grab a SHOE"!!!!! So he did, and he smoooooshed it...and now all it's children are going to come find us and avenge it's death. crap. time to spray. *shudder*

So on that creepy note, I have some more layouts to post...just some that I've done for the DT at Pages. Hope ya like em...I'm gonna have to post them until I can figure out how to put them as a link on the side. I'm such a little virgin blogger!

ok, so this post was suppose to go up last night but my computer wasn't here's last nights post, with no layouts because my computer is being a bitch!

night all!


Nancy said...

Tobi, I am on the last book of the twlight series (New Dawn) and I am putting off reading it for 2 reasons: first It seems to be going in a direction I don't want it to take (meaning her choice of monster) and I simply don't want it to end!! I love Edward! Can't wait for the movie!!
Once you get use to your free time, (kids in school) you will wonder how you did it all with them around. Just enjoy your free time.
Love your blog. signed up for your class yesterday, see you then if not before. Nancy

Jennifer said...

I know how Kien feels about Smores Poptarts. They are the BEST!